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Shodhganga and Shodhgangotri

  • Shodhganga replicates the academic structure of each University in terms of Departments/Centres/Colleges each University has to facilitate ease of navigation. This structure facilitates research scholars from universities to deposit their theses in the respective Department / Centre / College (https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/).
  • Shodhgangotri is a centralized hub for research synopses, promoting transparency, collaboration, and visibility within the Indian research community. The platform aims to facilitate access to research proposals in various disciplines and provide a platform for universities and research institutes to showcase ongoing and completed research works at the synopsis stage. This enables prospective researchers, academicians, and funding agencies to identify potential areas for collaboration, explore research trends, and track the progress of ongoing research projects (https://shodhgangotri.inflibnet.ac.in/).
  • The university's faculty members and students actively leverage the resources provided by Shodhganga and Shodhgangotri for their research endeavors.
  • These platforms serve as invaluable electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) repositories, offering a wealth of scholarly content across various disciplines.
  • By accessing Shodhganga and Shodhgangotri, faculty members and students gain access to a vast collection of research works, facilitating literature reviews, comparative analyses, and the exploration of emerging trends and methodologies.
  • These platforms provide access to the latest research and enable our faculty members and students to delve into historical and seminal works that have shaped their fields.