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Summer Internship

  • Internships are an integral part of professional education and present budding professionals, with much-needed exposure to the real-world practice of concepts.
  • The students enrolled in various programs in the institute are expected to undergo industrial/corporate internships as a part of their programs as per academic course guidelines.
  • The internship program offers students the opportunity to gain direct practical experience and have the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge gained in their year from the institution and helps them see how they are applied to real-world problems.
  • The internship offers them useful insights for their final year and prepares them for the job markets once their course has finished.
  • During the student's internship tenure, the company, or the organization they are interning for might absorb them as full-time employees.
  • Thus, this is an incentive for the students to perform well during the internship as it helps the students, to unwelcome stress in finding a job when the University course ends.


  • The Internship helps the students to explore career alternatives prior to graduation.
  • It assists the student's development of employers-valued skills such as teamwork, communication, and attention to detail.
  • Internship exposes the students to professional role models or mentors who will provide the students with support in the early stages of the internship.
  • Internship provides students a platform to work and develop a network that will be useful to further their career prospects.

Industry Interaction

The University consciously encourages industry interaction with a wide cross-section of professionals in the industry. Summer projects, Internships, industry interaction programs, seminars, etc., organized in association with the industry offer students an opportunity to exhibit their organizational and communication skills, analytical abilities, and awareness of contemporary issues to leading recruiters.

** The Internship program is followed and undertaken as per the respective program curriculum.
** All students need to find Internships on their own. It may be noted that assistance can be sought from the Placement Cell in exceptional cases.